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Empress Bee Venom Apitherapy Gel

fast relief for joint pain

Empress Bee Venom (Bee Apitherapy Gel)

Relieves muscle soreness, fatigue, sprains, arthritis and rheumatoid pain, lumbar cervical strain. Promotes blood circulation to help reduce swelling and enhance cells vitality.

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Glucosamine Cream 1500

Joint pain, muscle tension and fatigue after exercise, sprains, numbness, cramps, inflammation and swelling. Arthritis, neuritis, ligaments, tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, gout.

Joint Care
Ultimate Joint Health Capsule 60s - Fei Fah Medical Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.

Many Proven Results

Ultimate Joint Health Capsule

Bone and joint degeneration/damage, arthritis, lack of bone density, damaged meniscus, sciatica, herniated disc, ankylosing spondylitis, insufficient synovial fluid, joint’s inflexibility.

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Electric Medibalm Extra

Migraine. Rheumatic joint/bone pain, lumbar cervical spine pain, tennis elbow, stiff joints (neck, elbow, finger), abdominal distension and all those in the row above.

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Good for Rheumatoid arthritis

Gold Lion

Rheumatoid arthritis. Tight muscles and nerves, bruising, swelling and pain due to injuries and sprains. Insect bites and itch. Warts. Minor abrasions.

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Available in 50ml or 80ml

Millennium Ointment

Joint pain, muscle pain. Abdominal pain, diarrhoea, motion sickness, seasickness. Windchill and cold cough – expel pathogenic wind and dampness caused by weather changes. Mosquito bites.

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Electric Balm

Headache. Muscle/body aches and pain, bruises, sores and sprains. Stiff neck. Toothache. Dizziness. Nasal congestion, cold, stuffy nose. Insect bites.

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Great for cough & flu

Eucalyptus Oil

Stuffy and runny nose, prolong sneezing, cough. Muscle aches and pain due to cold or flu. Abdominal distension. Dizziness. Itches.

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Limps & Joints Oil

Joint/bone stiffness and pain, bone hyperplasia, bone spur, arthritic pain, rheumatic pain, throbbing pain. Numbness in limbs.

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Neck & Shoulder Oil

Soothes muscle fatigue and soreness, neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. Helps relaxes muscles.

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Green Tea Plas Plus Analgesic Plaster

Relieves muscle inflammation. Rheumatism, arthritis, tennis elbow and joint problems.

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Hak Kuai Oil

Muscle sprain from overexertion, overextension. Limb numbness/stiffness/pain. Bruises. Swelling and itching, insect bites.

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Ginger Citronella Oil

Gout. Chilly hands and feet, frail limbs, wind and cold. Menstrual cramps/pain. Neurasthenia, fatigue and dizziness.

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Available in 50ml or 80ml

Therap Liniment Ointment

Headaches, migraines and dizziness. Stomach upset. Muscle exhaustion, tightness and soreness, backache, numbness of limbs, shoulder ache, stiff neck. Athlete’s foot.

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Available in 50ml or 80ml

Red Flower Ointment

Sprains and bruises. Ligament injuries. Muscle cramps, aches, exhaustion. Swelling and other external injuries. Abdominal distension.

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Great For Skin Irritation

Sea Bed Iron Tree Ointment

Fungal skin infections such as tinea eczema, ringworm, white spots, dhobi itch, athlete's foot and skin irritations.

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