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Fei Fah

Hak Kuai Oil 50ml

Hak Kuai Oil 50ml

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Fei Fah Hak Kuai Oil is refined from traditional Chinese medicine. The bottle is impregnated with Chinese herbal medicine, which has strong efficacy on relieving external discomfort. It is used to relieve limb numbness, throbbing and other limb pain, and promote blood circulation. Act as an limb, muscle/neck pain relief

Effective For

Swell and itch, numbness, throbbing pain on limbs, bruises, muscle sprains from over exertion, enhance blood circulation and insect bites.


Apply 3 - 4 drops on the affected area, gently massage that area. Use 3 - 4 times a day.

*For external use only. Avoid using on open wound and eye contact. If there is any adverse reactions when used, stop application immediately and consult a doctor. Keep out of reach from children. For pregnant and nursing women, please consult doctor's advice before use.


Panax pseudo-ginseng powder, Cassia Oil, Frankincense resin, Eucalyptus Globulus, Methyl Salicylate, Peppermint Oil, Camphor, Cajuput Oil

*Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place and tighten the cap when not in use.

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