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Eucalyptus Oil 50ml for Cold and Flu Relief

Eucalyptus Oil 50ml for Cold and Flu Relief

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Natural Remedy For Cold / Flu Relief:
Safe and widely used for a gentle and quick relief for colds, tightness on the chest, dizziness, headache, motion sickness and seasickness, flatulence abdominal pain and gas, mosquito bites, minor cuts and burns. More effective on relieving rhinitis and nasal and itchiness.

Effective For

Tightness on the chest
Motion sickness
Flatulence abdominal pain and gas
Mosquito bites and itchiness
Minor cuts and burns
Relieves rhinitis and nasal


Apply 3 - 4 drops on the affected area, gently massaging on it. Use 3 - 4 times a day for the best results

*Strictly for external use only. If it gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water and contact a doctor if the irritation or pain persists.


Eucalyptus Oil, Methyl Salicylate, Crocodile Oil

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