Fei Fah’s Big Four Ointments

Fei Fah’s Big Four Ointments

Fei Fah’s ointments have proven to be effective in providing fast relief of pain and have long lasting effects. From back aches and muscle aches to chilly hands and feet, there will be one ointment that suits your needs! 


Which products are the big four?

  • Limps & Joints Oil 
  • Neck & Shoulder Oil
  • Ginger Citronella Oil
  • Hak Kuai


1. Limps & Joints Oil

Limps and joints oil pain relief potent & proprietary for joint / muscle stiffness. Painstakingly refined traditional Chinese medicine formula for enhanced potency on limps and joints ailments.


Quickly relieves joint pain and stiffness

Improves blood circulation to quicken healing
Concentrated with Chinese herb soaked in the bottle
Accelerated therapeutic effect

2. Neck & Shoulder Oil 

By impregnating safflower in the medicinal oil bottle, it empowers the following functions. Promotes blood circulation much faster, alleviates shoulder and neck pain, and stiff neck and helps with rheumatism and cervical spondylosis.



For fast relief on rheumatism, cervical spondylosis, shoulder periarthritis, tenosynovitis, neck and shoulder muscle stiffness and discomfort caused by muscle tension due to prolonged sitting position.
Also suitable for muscle relaxation before or after exercise effectively relieving muscle fatigue and soreness.


3. Ginger Citronella Oil

Ginger Citronella Oil is made from finest old ginger with concentrated purity, which is good for people who are physically weak and have chill hands and feet. Long-term use helps keep the mind sharp and reduce lethargy.



Chill hands and feet
Frail limbs
Expelling wind and dispelling cold
Acute gout
Female dysmenorrhea
Fatigue and dizziness
Muscle fatigue
Massage scraping


4. Hak Kuai Oil

Fei Fah Hak Kuai Oil is refined from traditional Chinese medicine. The bottle is impregnated with Chinese herbal medicine, which has strong efficacy on relieving external discomfort. It is used to relieve limb numbness, throbbing and other limb pain, and promote blood circulation. Act as an limb, muscle/neck pain relief



Swell and itch, numbness, throbbing pain on limbs, bruises, muscle sprains from over exertion, enhance blood circulation and insect bites.


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