Fei Fah Medical | Medicinal Balm Ointment & Healthcare

Fei Fah Medical, the trusted brand of medicinal balms, ointment and external analgesic for many generations since 1950 started as a Chinese medical hall in the heart of Singapore Chinatown - 155 South Bridge Road. Fei Fah was very well-known as the corner medical shop serving many overseas Chinese around the region, seamen, as well as the local community of Singapore.


Fei Fah's trademark was registered in 1974 after the founding of Fei Fah Electric Medibalm in 1970. Mr. Loh Yung Chai, a physician and founder of Fei Fah, developed Fei Fah Electric Medibalm, the first product manufactured by Fei Fah. Throughout the years, Fei Fah has evolved to offer varieties of safe, effective applications suitable for the different needs of life.