Discovering the Amazing Benefits of Guarana!

Discovering the Amazing Benefits of Guarana!

What is Guarana?

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a plant native to the Amazon. It can be found in many energy drinks. It contains several bioactive compounds and may have a range of health benefits, such as increasing energy levels, enhancing cognition, and reducing inflammation.

Guarana has a long history of consumption in Brazil, with traditional uses that include providing an energy boost and treating headaches and fevers.

Recent research has also revealed a range of other potential uses for this versatile plant extract. 

Guarana Immunity Supplement

Benefits of Guarana

Increase Energy

Guarana contains caffeine, theophylline & theobromine, making it an effective energy booster.

May have antioxidant properties

A study in 2017, examined the effects of roasted Guarana seed water on roundworms. It was said that the Guarana water’s antioxidant action improved the worms’ resistance against oxidative stress.

Delay ageing process

In the same study, anti-aging properties was also observed. Signs of Guarana’s anti-aging properties includes, extended lifespan, reduced muscle function decline and fewer signs of genetic neurodegenerative disorder.

May provide pain relief

Guarana’s pain-modulating effect may be from its caffeine content. Caffeine may reduce pain by interacting with adenosine receptors.

Reduce high blood pressure

Blood pressure and cholesterol are linked. A study showed that Guarana seed powder may help manage cholesterol.