All about Limps & Joints Oil

All about Limps & Joints Oil

Limps & Joints Oil


What is Limps & Joints Oil?
Limps & joints oil is a type of oil dipped with raw chinese herbs. It provides effective quick relief from the lumbar disc herniation, bone hyperplasia, bone spurs and inflammation caused by nerve compression. It can also be used for sprains, bruises, limp numbness, muscle pain or discomfort.


How to use Limps & Joints Oil?
Disinfect the affected area, then apply a few drops of ointment and massage gently on the desired area. Regular application will help to encourage blood circulation and improve bone health. Can be used for scraping massage as well.


Effective For:
Bone and joint ache and stiffness
Lumbar disc herniation
Bone spur and inflammation
Bone hyperplasia
Arthritic pain
Rheumatic pain
Limb numbness
Sprains and bruises
Muscular strain and stiffness


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