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Guarana 90s Immunity Supplement (Exp: Dec 2024)

Guarana 90s Immunity Supplement (Exp: Dec 2024)

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Guarana Immunity Supplements for Energy Boost, Immunity Booster:

Guarana is a 100% natural herbal dietary supplement that can help you fortifies immune power, reduces high blood pressure, treats male impotency and female frigidly, relieves menstrual discomfort and delay aging process, it also promotes antioxidants, blood circulation, act as an energy booster and other health benefits in boosting immunity, health and overall body nutrition for better health and well being in giving you the best metabolism that is derived from nature's extract.

Effective For

Strengthens immunity
Reduces high blood pressure
Treats male impotency & female frigidly
Relieves menstrual discomfort
Delay ageing process
Promotes antioxidants & blood circulation


Consume 2 to 4 capsules per day, before or after meal
May be taken by removing capsules and sprinkled onto food and drinks

*Pregnant women, those who are planning for pregnancy, and persons with medical conditions, should consult their doctors before taking this supplement.


270mg of Guarana Powder extract, 30mg of Lactose

*Keep out of children's reach, store in cool & dry place

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