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Ripple Colostrum Milk Tablets 250s x 750mg

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  • Colostrum is the milk produced by cows within the first 72 hours of calving.
  • It contains essential nutrients for growth and development.
  • Ripple Colostrum Milk Tablets is processed at low temperature to retain its natural and unique properties.
  • It is an excellent nutritional supplement specially formulated for children, adults, elderly and athletes.


Strengthen immunity, strengthen bones, especially for children's growth and development, promote cell growth and wound healing, regulate blood sugar and intestinal flora, maintain blood cholesterol and blood lipid balance.


Colostrum Milk Tablets (milk product), vegetable oil, glucose, sodium caseinate, tri-calcium phosphate, maltodextrin.


Take 5 -10 tablets daily


  • Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place.
  • This product is not meant to be consumed as medicine.


250s x 750mg

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