Ripple Colostrum Milk Powder 400g - Fei Fah Medical Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.
Ripple Colostrum Milk Powder 400g - Fei Fah Medical Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.

Colostrum Milk Powder 400g

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  • Ripple Colostrum Milk Powder originates from New Zealand's modernized cattle ranch controlled by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and the National Cheese Board
  • Contains no residual heavy metals, growth hormones, pesticides or other harmful substances
  • Colostrum is milk produced within the first 72 hours of calving
  • Studies have shown that Colostrum has a critical role in post-neonatal health as an immune booster
  • Suitable for people of all ages, especially those with low immunity
  • Enhances resistance to diseases, restore physical strength, and strengthen bones
  • Promotes normal cell growth and wound healing
  • Regulates blood sugar and intestinal flora, maintain blood cholesterol and blood lipid balance


  • Strengthens cells and immune system, stimulate cell and tissue growth
  • Repairs and helps reverse the damage caused by disease and the natural aging process
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves emotional and intellectual acuity
  • Supports the immune system and promotes the normal function of the nervous and endocrine systems
  • Keeps the cardiovascular system in optimal condition


  • Add 3 scoops (25 grams) of milk powder to 150ml of warm water, stir until milk powder dissolves
  • Drink twice a day

Pure Colostrum, non-dairy creamer (vegetable oil, glucose, sodium caseinate, tricalcium phosphate, monoglyceride), maltodextrin.

Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place.


New Zealand

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